Embroidery Sorbello stitch

  I'm exploring just one stitch, with all kind of different threads.

The Sorbello stitch


Felt picture postcard 3.11

And an extra "button" to incorporate in the next card.

click here for all the cards in serie 3


Felt picture postcard 3.10

With some extra beads to incorporate in the next felt card



I made a present for my mother's birthday, she will be 86 this January.
In the picture, the second woman from the left is my great-grandmother at the age of 18 in 1918.


Felt picture postcard 3.9

My reply to Maud's card from two days ago. For an overview of all the post in this series, click here. 


Felt picture postcard 3.8

The copper of the previous card has been beautifully incorporated into this card.

Het koper van de vorige kaart zie hier is prachtig verwerkt in deze kaart.


Viltuitwisseling 2014

Some pictures from the exchange 2014 and  some sources of inspiration.
 If their makers have a blog or a site you can click on their name for more information.  

 Maud Roël


                                                                    Jacqueline Withagen

  Staphorster stipwerk