Kussen voor Kenia


                                Vandaag mijn kussen (40x40) ingeleverd in Haarlem bij meervilt. 
                                               Voor meer informatie zie  Meervilt


Felt 4

 Working with felt, silk, embroidery threads and all kinds of shiny materials

angelina fibers

 machine embroidery, own design

colored silk fibres 

hand embroidery

and some french knots


Crochet Haken

Two pouches

One flat with a silk orange/pink lining

 One with extra space and a green lining and a green zipper.


Dag van de wol

With the ferry across the river the Maas to the town of Oijen, where the venue "dag van de wol" took place .

There was a lot of woolen yarn for sale, and all sorts of fleeces were sold. 


And there was this beautiful wool carding machine from "Kaarderij wollust".



Because this yarn is so thin, I can easily use multiple threads simultaneously. 
This way I can play with the colors.

Omdat dit garen zo dun is, kan ik makkelijk meerdere draden tegelijk gebruiken.
Op deze manier kan ik spelen met de kleuren.


Felt picture postcard 7


Felt picture postcard 6

I used the extra silk to "paint" a mountain.
 I will send some leftovers along with the felt postcard.

                                 I received this card with silk birds and white mull on a cloud, and there was some extra silk fabric for me to use.